Minutes from the supercharged Medina, while not far from the Palm Grove, is where Babouchka sits pretty with its title of «Marrakesh best nightclub». The raving program of eclectic beats and sounds produced by local and international artists are pleasing every crowds, from the newly introduced to the genre, to the more seasoned party goers. Its reputation now precedes it and it has attracted many night owls from all corners of the earth. The Marrakesh nightlife is one of sharing and non-conformity. For older and younger crowds who can enjoy at their own pace, flashing flowy gowns and evening wear or in a pair of blue jeans, Babouchka offers a way to escape from the daily hassle and give in to the magic that is the partying world. Shaking it on the dance floor like there is no tomorrow, grab a drink, check out the crowd of ‘Marrakchis’ and visitors , share a moment, or a smile.. Here, partying is at its best. As one of the best clubs in Marrakesh, Babouchka is proud to offer a unique setting and atmosphere thanks to its ever changing sounds.

10 Rue Haroun Errachid, Marrakech 40,000, Maroc

Opening Hours
Thursday – Sunday 11.30pm-5am

All bookings for VIP Tables include complimentary entry

Packages Available

10 Rue Haroun Errachid, Marrakech 40,000, Maroc