Why Marrakech?

Why Travel To Marrakech?

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Lying between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and comfortably sited above the equator, the North-East African country of Morocco enjoys an average annual temperature of 20 degrees, making it the perfect all-year-round holiday destination. (Although, in the summer months of July and August temperatures can peak above 30 degrees – you have been warned!)

Just over 2 hours inland from the coast you will be able to explore the intriguing city of Marrakech.

Marrakech, which means “Land of God” in the Arabic language of Berber lies near the foothills of the breathtaking, snow-capped Atlas Mountains and is just a few hours away from the Sahara Desert. This “Red Pearl” of Morocco as she is known, is a city polished with a rich history that is evident within its intimate courtyards, snaking alleyways , and its friendly people.

When autumn and winter is drawing near and you don’t want to face the damp and drizzle then why not hop on a plane and in just a few hours you can touch-down in your own piece of heaven. Winter in Marrakech is a fabulous experience of shopping and spa treatments, cooking classes and golf lessons, day parties and day trips to the Atlas Mountains.

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