History of Marrakech

History of Marrakech

The main financial centre  and a former imperial city in western Morocco, Marrakech is also the home of ancient mosques, beautiful palaces and green gardens.  Vendors in the  flourishing souks of Marrakech trade pottery, jewelry, and old-fashioned textiles.

Marrakech is an antique city of Morocco with its  1000 years old  history and secretive stories. It has striking  ancient monuments   such as the magnificent Bahia Palace, the amazing Saadian tombs, and the great Jardins Majorelle,  all these places are very popular among visitors.  With the combination of Berber, Middle Eastern, African and Mediterranean   influences,  Marrakech cuisine, restaurants and old-fashioned food shops are very eclectic and a delight to the palate.

This city is a great place to experience the intriguing  culture of the Berber people. From all around the city  visitors can marvel at the 12th-century Minaret of Koutoubia Mosque which was built in  the  elegant Moorish  style.  This Minaret is known as the symbol of the city with all the splendor of its ancient times.

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